Business Solutions

Just Getting Started

Phase out plastics.

Start small by taking plastic (especially non-recycled or recyclable) out of your list of materials. Thoroughly understanding what kind of packaging your business requires can help you find the better alternative.

Adopt the use of reusable items.

Identify products in your business model or practices that can be easily converted to reusable items. Customers will appreciate the effort of putting the planet in line with the priorities of your business!

Like a Pro

In order to get a full picture of your business and its impact on the environment we recommend getting an LCA. It is the best way to find comprehensive solutions that are specific and unique to your business model. It will identify the most meaningful and cost effective ways to reduce emissions. There are different kinds of LCAs for different needs.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Screening. This is a general assessment which identifies hot spots of emissions or waste.
  • Single product. This type of LCA analyzes the carbon footprint of a specific individual product life cycle.
  • Multi-Product Life Cycle Assessment/Comparative LCA. The comparative or multi-product LCA assess the impact of several products. This can be a comparison of multiple of your own products or yours and another product on the market.
  • Packaging Life Cycle Assessment. This assessment focuses just on packaging. Packaging can really make or break how your brand is perceived. It’s vital to have a good approach and provide a memorable experience.

“Making sustainable changes for your planetary community while growing your business is the easiest it has ever been. Why wait?”

MArgie ramirez