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Solis is the ultimate app that adapts to your unique learning style. Boost your grades, expand your knowledge, and become a master of any subject.

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Why We Are Building This

and why you should care

  • Attention spans are decreasing
  • It's easier than ever to cheat
  • So why not make studying easy and effective, and in a way... fun
  • We use AI to know how you learn, so you can learn anything in 3 minutes

More data means better educational insights.


of your educational data analyzed with Solis*

*compared to Khan Academy, Quizlet, and similar platforms


"I mastered complex topics in just a month with Solis, something I couldn't achieve in years of traditional learning."

Alex P.

Solis user (anonymized for privacy)

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Alex’s Solis journey

Outcome: Alex was able to understand and retain information on complex physics subjects, which improved his performance significantly.

  • Quantum MechanicsAdvanced
  • ElectromagnetismProficient
  • ThermodynamicsProficient
  • Statistical MechanicsIntermediate
  • General RelativityIntermediate
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Invest in your education

Solis coversCost on your own*
Personalized learning plans$500
Expert-led courses$300
Study analytics and insights$200
24/7 Tutoring support$100
Total cost

*Based on average industry prices as of June 2024.

How Solis Works


1. Understand Your Learning Style

Solis analyzes your learning patterns and preferences to create a personalized learning profile.

2. Adaptive Learning Paths

Based on your profile, Solis generates adaptive learning paths that optimize your learning experience.

3. Achieve Your Goals

With personalized support and powerful tools, Solis helps you achieve better grades and expand your knowledge.


Personalized Learning

Tailored content to fit your unique learning style and pace.

Personalized Learning

Interactive Quizzes

Engaging quizzes to test your knowledge and track your progress.

Interactive Quizzes

Progress Tracking

Monitor your learning journey with detailed analytics and insights.

Learning Report


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